Types of gel nails and which of them you should choose

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If you are a woman who is always busy with work, you are sure to have encountered the problem that manicure takes too much time from more important things. That is the key reason that the majority of women today are seeking another solution that would be much less time-consuming than re-painting their nails each time they lose their perfect look, which is more often than in half a week. In fact, this alternative exists and is called gel nails. Despite the fact that their popularity is always on the rise, if you have never tried them, it will be hard for you to differentiate among their types (although they differ quite considerably). In this blog, we will tell you more about gel nails for you to be able to tell them apart and to select the ones that are best for you.

One of the most popular kinds of gel nails is those made of hard gel. This material can boast of a tightly woven structure, which makes it strong, long-lasting, and light-weight. So, what advantages you will receive if you opt for hard gel nails? In fact, there are many: they are good for any length, even a very short one, durable (which means that they are ideal for women who are too much pressed for time to visit salons), hypoallergenic, and have absolutely no odor (which makes them perfect for allergic and pregnant women). At the same time, there are also some factors you should bear in mind: you cannot remove hard gel yourself – only a professional can do it. Plus, you have to replace them every several months.

The second popular kind of nails is those made of soft gel (which is often called soak-off gel because it is constructed by molecules with elongated shapes and spaces between them). The spaces between the molecules make it easy for solvents to get inside and to ruin the structure, which means that you can easily remove them with acetone. If you have mid-length or short nails, these options will be perfect for you because such nails will simply make your natural ones look more refined and attractive. Besides, if your nails are weak, they will be made stronger and their shape will improve considerably. Such nails do not add any length and are worn on free edges. The best news is that they can serve you for over 3 months.

The third type is a gel polish, often referred to as Shellac (which is actually only one product line of such polishes). This type is similar to hard gel nails but its form is weaker, which makes it being brushed easily over your nails (unlike your regular polish – but you will need a UV or LED lamp). The best thing about this type is that it allows you to experiment with length regardless of your real one. Moreover, it can be easily removed and has unlimited color options!


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