Gradient Color Makeup Brushes 14 Pcs/Set


Gradient Color Makeup Brushes 14 Pcs/Set




Meet a guaranteed hot seller – our new Makeup Brush! We've added this Beauty & Health product that's based off some of the most in-demand products on our website. More selection for you, more things to buy!

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  • Size: 14pcs/set
  • Handle Material: Wood
  • Quantity: 14pcs
  • Material: Synthetic hair

Just take a look at these exceptional features of our {{word}}! Most certainly, you’ll be astonished by its high quality and practical design.


Does it smell any bad?
It’s safe to say you won’t experience any troubles with smell from the Makeup Brush because we choose the manufacturing resources very carefully and avoid the materials that might cause this trouble.

Are there more options?
The description of the Makeup Brush includes all the available variations, but we regularly update this section if we get new options.

Do I need to pay any taxes?
Taxes may be included, but it depends on your location. In any case, you will see the total order cost together with the taxes (if any) on the checkout page before you confirm the order.

I have doubts about whether this is affordable.
Please, note that you’re unlikely to find an offer that is as tempting as this one. It’s only up to you to take the decision, but we’d like to remind that the number of goods is limited.

Which benefits of this product did the previous buyers mention most often?
All our customers who left a review speak highly of this product and its value for money. Furthermore, it has brilliant design.

Do you mind if I make a review on this item?
Customer reviews are highly important for any online store. Therefore, you are more than welcome to email us your feedback or share it on any external platforms!


Can you send my {{word}} to an address that doesn’t match my residence address?
As you wish it! Just specify the necessary delivery address in full detail, and then we’ll arrange the shipment as you requested.

What if something wrong happens to my order during transportation?
Please let us know if anything is wrong with your order. We’ll look into the issue closely and then fully refund the purchase if there’s transportation damage.

I want another variation of the {{word}}, but I’ve already placed an order! What should I do?
Feel free to get in touch with our Support team members and describe the situation to them. After that, they will help you with your problem and change or cancel your order.

I got a question, but I don't know how to contact your support service?
If you need any aid or assistance, you can message our support team (see the contact details at the bottom of the page) and we’ll respond in the shortest possible time.

Why should I choose your store over the others? After all, I have a lot of choice
It’s our top priority to provide you with the items of the highest quality and first-class customer service.

I want to buy this offline. In a simple store, for example. Is it possible?
Offline stores offer a more limited product range in terms of the available variations. Moreover, they are likely to set higher prices on the same {{word}}.

Additional information

Item Type

Makeup Brush



Handle Material




Brush Material

Synthetic Hair,Goat Hair

Brand Name


Used With

Sets & Kits

Model Number



Synthetic Hair


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