How to select perfect earrings that will suit your face type or occasion

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How to select perfect earrings that will suit your face type or occasion?

One may think that there is no problem selecting a good pair of earrings: take those that you like best. In reality, if you want your earrings to flatter your face and to add a unique touch to your apparel, you should be much more careful while choosing them as not all forms, materials, gems, and shapes will emphasize your best features and hide those that you consider your flaws. In this blog, we will give you several guidelines that will assist you in selecting an ideal pair of earrings that will flatter your face type and suit the occasion.

It goes without saying that the first thing you need to do is find out what face type you have. Let’s make it easier for you:

1) Round face. Measure the length from the tip of your nose to all sides of your face. If the lengths you get are almost the same and you have a round chin line, you have a round type of face. So, your task makes it look elongated. Forget about a round or disc earrings because they will make your face look even rounder, and opt for chandelier or drop types.

2) Oval face. If your jawline to chin is rounded but not too much and the chin is narrower than your forehead, you have an oval face. You can consider yourself lucky: people with oval faces can opt for almost any type of earrings: rounded, teardrop, studs, and many more.

3) Square face. If the width of your forehead and jawline is the same and your chin is flat, your face is square. You will look perfect wearing rounded earrings, hoops, or drop earrings because they will distract attention from the angles of your face.

4) Heart face. If your jawline is considerably narrower than your forehead and your chin is pointed, you have a heart-shaped face. It would help if you chose dangling earrings that will make the chin look less sharp. Drop earrings will not suit you.

5) Diamond Face. If your forehead and chin are both narrower than your cheekbones, your face is diamond-shaped. The ideal option for you is earrings stopping above the chin or studs.

6) Long face. If you have a length but narrow face, you should consider studs and rounded dangling earrings and forget about long and slim ones.

Not that you have made up your mind about the shape, you must make sure that your earrings suit the occasion. Here is a useful checklist:

1) Good for work. There is one rule: leave only one accessory – don’t add anything more if you choose to wear earrings. Opt for subtle earrings without huge or bright gems.

2) Good for studies.  Stick to the possible minimum. Select simple and casual earrings that do not attract much attention.

3) Everyday look. For your everyday look, you are less restricted and can choose different models.

4) Going out. Give way to your creativity and make your beauty shine!



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