How to Pick the Perfect Jewelry Gift for Her from Kay Jewelers

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Every woman wants to hear you're amazing,
and important, and beautiful, and you mean the world to me. Sure you can come right out and say that,
or you can let the perfect gift help you say it. So how do you know what the perfect jewelry
gift is for her? I have nine tips to help you pick the perfect
gift that says everything you need it to say, and more. First, pay attention. Hint dropping is an age-old tradition that women are very skilled in. My wife especially.
If you're lucky, yours may already have the perfect gift in mind.
Possibly diamond earrings, an excellent choice.

Why diamond earrings? Diamonds are timeless.
If she already has diamond studs, there are hoops and dangle varieties too.
Believe me, as long as they have diamonds in them, she'll love them.
Needless to say, be attentive. It'll make your job easier.
Match her personality. Bold personalities sometimes like bold jewelry.
Like this cool necklace. While a more reserved personality, would appreciate
something more subtle, like this. If you're not sure what jewelry her personality
favors, then there's the treasure hunt. Take a quick peek inside her jewelry box to
see what types of styles, metal and gems she likes. If white gold is her thing, stick with it. For example, my wife tends to like sapphires
and white gold. Or, if you don't see a lot of rings, maybe
that's the way to go. Fashion rings are really in right now and
are a perfect fit for her right hand. It's also important to take your time.
If you've done your homework, you may already have a good idea of what she'll love.
Look around the store to see what you think might speak to her.
Personally, I like to get reassurance from a sales person and I can bounce my ideas off
them for a different point of view.

After I speak with them, I always feel more
confident with my decision. You've heard it before: it's the thought
that counts. I know how sentimental my wife is, that's
why a charm bracelet I can count on to be a hit. A charm bracelet is the perfect option because you can choose beads to reflect her personality
and interests. It's also something that can be added to
over time. Checking the fit is really important. You
want to make sure the sizes are right so she can enjoy wearing the gift right away.
So, if you don't know her sizes borrow something she has and measure it or bring it to the
store to be sure. Personalize it. Add a custom engraving like a necklace with
her initials, or incorporate her favorite gem. Make this gift all about her and only her. My dad actually had their first date engraved
on a bracelet for my mom and she loved it.

Don't go it alone.
This isn't exactly cheating, but asking a friend or her sister for help improves your
chances of success. She'll appreciate the fact that you made
the extra effort and she'll love that trendy item us guys never would have found on our own. And finally, my most important tip: Enjoy the gift giving moment.


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