How to choose make-up online and get exactly what you want

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How to choose make-up online and get exactly what you want?

Even though more and more people support the so-called natural look, make-up still enjoys great popularity, and its sales continue to rise all over the world. No wonder: make-up allows one to feel more attractive, to accentuate the best features, and hide flaws.

Moreover, it is a perfect way to express your personality without words. However, today, increasingly, more customers switch to online shopping, which is much cheaper and more convenient. However, buying make-up without trying it physically can become rather challenging (particularly if the site does not have a return policy).

Some make-up items are easier to choose (such as eyeliner or mascara), but others (like shades, highlighters, or lipsticks) can create problems. We are here to give you a few good tips that will help you to avoid mistakes when you shop online.

The first rule you must remember

is to follow your undertones. In most cases, people know from the previous experience which undertones are becoming to their faces: light, medium, peach, dark, etc. If you are not sure, pay attention to the underside of your wrist. If your veins are blue, you should opt for cool tones, and if they are greenish, warm tones will be better for you.

If you choose lipstick or blush, you’d better stick with those shades that do not count your tone. So, if your tone is cool, your lipstick should be orange- or blue-based red. Olive skin looks natural with warmer lipstick and blush.

Certain formulas and combinations are far more foolproof than others. In fact, creams and liquids are the best in this respect because they are the most blendable and buildable. Their color can be changed depending on the intensity that you choose.

In other things, such as shades and lipsticks, if you are not sure about your choice, opt for the most neutral ones because you can mix them with other colors or apply them in fewer or more layers.

Do not be afraid to experiment, even if you made a mistake with a tone. Shades can be made darker if you mix them with a liquid bronzer, for instance. If your blush is too intense, adding another layer of foundation over the top will help to tone it down and make it look softer. Lipsticks are also easy to mix.

So, if yours appears too red, you can apply a layer of brown and make it look less aggressive.

Don’t be lazy to do your research before purchasing make-up online. Consult your friends who have already had such an experience and read reviews on social networks or forums. Pay attention more to negative ones to find out what problems you might face. You can also go to youtube, where you will discover many blogs that might help you.

Use our tips and order the best collection of make-up from our store!



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